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(Archived) Evernote for locations: Google maps and GPS questions


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Hi all,

Today I want to ask you how do you use Evernote to save locations.

Saving an exact location in Evernote is simple: make sure the GPS option is on, and take a picture. Use notebooks and tags to organize the locations into something that makes sense.

But there's a problem with Evernote. Even though Evernote stores GPS coordinates and clicking the link on the phone does open a Map, there is no arrow or location indicator on the map, or a way to use Google Maps to get directions. You just have to assume the location is at the center of the map that is opened, and find your way there.

So, how do you guys get around that? And how do you use Evernote to save locations? I'd hate not to use Evernote for something so obvious and basic.

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Found a way to work around this issue:

In your Evernote web or Windows App (or Mac App, I assume, since I don't have a mac), click the location link of your note and open up google maps with the GPS coordinates, which will be indicated by a green arrow (not the location bubble, usually marked as "A" on a red background!) All you have to do is to copy the url, which contains the coordinates, into your note's source. It's really simple to do with the App. Next time you use your phone, click "menu" and the option of go to the source will show up... click on it, and walla! you're zoomed into your place with the address! The GPS is usually accurate enough to find the place with street view!

It seems that when Evernote opens up google maps it gives it "too much info". You will notice the note's location, in words, is something very general, like the name of the town and state. However, hovering over it, you get the GPS coordinates. Furthermore, if you hover over the little blue arrow to the left (this is all in the Windows app) you will get Evernote's guess as to exact address where the note was taken.

Google maps just doesn't seem to know what to "choose" for you. with the source, you can tell it exactly what to look for, and it's easy to do - just a quick edit. I am going to follow up by a suggested feature for the Evernote team.

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I find the Google Maps Labs ‘LatLng Marker’ feature to be very handy in generating the latitude and longitude of a particular location in copyable form. If location data was not added automatically (because I was inside a building, for example), I navigate to the point on the map, right-click and select ‘Drop LatLng marker’ and then copy and paste the co-ordinates straight into Evernote.

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