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10.87.5-win-ddl-public (20240509102911)
Editor: v178.1.10
Service: v1.105.2

I tried to install Evernote yesterday, and the app itself installed fine. But logging in is impossible. I press the Login button, it redirects me to a browser. The login flow within the browser works fine, and gives me a prompt to open Evernote. I click the button, and Evernote takes focus again. And then just stays there, with a dark overlay that says if the login fails within the browser I might have to close the window. But the login flow in the browser seems fine, it's the desktop app that seems broken.

I can login to the web app just fine on the same browser.


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Hi.  Try uninstalling with Revo Uninstaller Free to completely remove a possibly corrupted installation from your system,  re-download from Evernote.com and reinstall.

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Fresh install on a Mac, same problem. Login just plain fails.


EDIT: Tried the login flow through Safari instead of Brave. That works. May be an issue with Chromium based browsers, since multiple failed on Windows.

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Hello. I have the same login problem as the previous user. 

Today I tried to uninstall Evernote using Revo Uninstaller Free (three times and then I downloaded the latest version of the program 10.87.5). I tried to delete the %AppData% folder (the first time the folder contents were large). Unfortunately, the login problem still persists. 

When I log in...
If the login fails, you can close this window and try again.

In the same browser, I can log into the web application just fine.

What else can I do to log in ?


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Hmmn.  It does seem that Chrome has a problem with logging into Evernote.  Safari has been mentioned in this thread - has anyone tried Firefox or Safari?

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Back to the Windows machine. Tried setting Firefox as the default browser, managed to get through login. It's a Chromium issue, specifically.

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