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Several lines of written text disappear when exported to PDF

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I use Evernote 10.68.3 on Mac.

I had to write a several-page report, and I chose to do it with Evernote because I really like the look of its typography and layout.
Once finished, I exported the note in PDF format.
And I realized that several lines of text had disappeared between page 1 and page 2.
I tried both ways of exporting, with the same result.
This is very annoying. Is this bug known?

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Hi.  Evernote is note-taking software,  not a full-featured word processor.  If you need a specific layout it would be better to copy and paste pages into another app - Word or Google Docs or LibreOffice - and attach the output file to your note.  Do any editing in your WP software and save changes back to the attachment.  The export / print to PDF options for Evernote do need work,  but substantive fixes are unlikely to be available for the delivery of your report.

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Sorry but my layout was not specific, it was simple text.

It was a simple note, I think Evernote is intended for taking notes, isn't it? I don't think it's normal for several lines of text to disappear when converted to PDF.
These were not blank lines, but several sentences of text that disappeared.

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Evernote unfortunately has a lot of problems with PDF export (and with printing too!). I have reported several issues, some of them 3 months ago:

  • #3811711 / Spaces between words with different formattings are disappearing when exporting to pdf
  • #3817922 / EN 10.72.2 Win - print problems
  • #3871050 / EN 10.84.3 Windows, task info missing in pdf
  • #3871010 / EN 10.84.3 Windows, empty lines missing in pdf
  • #3871017 / EN 10.84.3 Windows, link colors missing in pdf
  • #3870956 / EN 10.84.3 Windows, divider lines missing in pdf
  • #3870882 / EN 10.84.3 Windows, table borders missing in pdf
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