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Error when pasting an image into a note - The application "Evernote" does not have permission to open "<name>"

Richard Kirk


MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1

M2 chip

Evernote MacOs desktop: 10.82.2 


I've just started getting the error: The application "Evernote" does not have permission to open "<name>" when pasting an image into a note. This never used ot happen although I've just upgraded my Mac and can't specifically remember if I've pasted into a note since then.


Iv'e checked the System settings> Privacy & Secutiry> Files and folders. Evernote is not listed but I'm also not sure how to add it - there's no obvious option from within settings and the error message doesn't offer an option to give Evernote permission to anything.


I have searched for this issue/solution in the forums but can't find anything quite like this.




evernote macos error.png


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