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Ideias to enhance the note-taking experience


I believe there are specific areas where Evernote could evolve to enhance the note-taking experience. Here are my suggestions:
  1. Callouts Instead of Code Blocks:
    • While code blocks serve their purpose, they might not be the most intuitive way to emphasize important information for all users. Consider introducing callouts—a more user-friendly method for highlighting key points within notes. Callouts could be used for tips, warnings, or emphasis, making content more accessible.
  2. Word Selection Options:
    • Currently, when selecting a word, users need to navigate the menu for additional options. To streamline this process, consider making options pop up directly when a word is selected. This small change would significantly improve efficiency and overall user experience.
  3. Auto-Resize for Tables (Especially on Mobile):
    • Tables are essential for organizing data, but fixed-size tables can be limiting, especially on mobile devices. Implementing auto-resizing for tables would allow them to adapt dynamically based on content. This enhancement ensures readability and usability across different devices.
  4. Alternative Notebook Organization:
    • While stacks are useful, they have limitations. Users often desire more flexibility in organizing notebooks. Consider introducing alternative methods for notebook organization, such as nested notebooks, customizable hierarchies, or additional metadata. This would cater to diverse user needs and improve overall organization.
  5. Simplified Template Creation and Editing:
    • Evernote users often rely on templates for consistent note-taking. Streamlining the process of creating and editing templates would enhance productivity. Consider providing a dedicated template manager, intuitive customization options, and the ability to save frequently used layouts as templates.
I understand that implementing changes requires careful consideration, testing, and resources. However, these enhancements would contribute significantly to Evernote’s usability and appeal.
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