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Hi, I was trying to export a notebook and it came up with an error message:

"There was a problem and we couldn’t export your notes. Please try again.

We found the following note that may be blocking the export.

Please open the note and resolve any banners.

"Untitled Note" (id: 07e60bd4-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX)"

How can I find out which note that is? There are many called Untitled note, and I get no results by searching the id

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Hi.  Best way to find one or more faulty notes is to export individual notes (if practical).  Select 100 notes - export,  and apply tag 'keyword'. 

Search for another 100 notes -tag:keyword and export / add tag.  Repeat as necessary.

If you find that one or more batches fail,  export a smaller number of files to try and find the problem(s)

For individual cases try creating a new note and copy the content from the old note across.

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