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PURPLE in the Interface distracts from my notes. Please remove.

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LONG time Evernote user. I just updated to 10.80.3-win-ddl-public (20240314162820) in the hope that the distracting purple "Enter Task" that was introduced about 3 updates ago would be eliminated. My eye goes directly to that green and purple bar all the time, instead of the focus being on my notes and my notebooks. That huge green and purple bar occupies prime real estate, as any graphic designer should know. Green I could live with; the addition of Purple tipped the bar to unbearable.

I like seeing my notebooks on the sidebar, so I found a solution, which was to cover the offensive distractor with an old-fashioned Post-It note (see photo #1).

Yes, the old-fashioned "use paper to cover it up." First time in 35+ years using computers I had to do that.

But I realized that my brilliant solution preludes the ability to search my notes, because the search bar appears exactly under the offensive color bar (see photo #2), and I can't see what I'm typing. So now, each time I want to do a search, I need to hide the sidebar and remove the post-it, and then reverse that. 4 extra steps.

(FWIW, I will NEVER use tasks in Evernote. I use a dedicated task manager that is super fast.)

I chose Evernote because it was fast, allowed me to focus on my notes, and to search them quickly. This is the final straw for me. I'm going to actively look for another app.


Evernote 1.jpg

Evernote 2.jpg

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1 hour ago, lenarr said:

FWIW, I will NEVER use tasks in Evernote. I use a dedicated task manager that is super fast.)

Interesting.  It was just the opposite for me.  I stopped using and paying for a task manager app when Evernote tasks came out.  Different strokes..

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