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My laptop app started adding new notes rapidly -- all without tags -- so I shut it down. When I re-opened it, I found the new notes were old notes being added without tags, and it crashed repeatedly. I deleted the app and re-loaded it but it still crashes (Exit 6) after 2 minutes. It's become unusable. 


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Quit the app, use AppCleaner to remove it completely. Restart the Mac.

Download the installer from the EN website, install. Open, log in.

Working ?

Good - now let it run for an extended time, to allow it to make a fresh download of your data from the cloud server.

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It won't let me delete Evernote. It says I don't have permission. I've open "info" on it and checked the boxes to unlock it. It still won't go.


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If you don’t have permission, it seems you are not an admin on your Mac, or it is a managed device running under MDM control.

You need to uninstall as admin, or talk to your IT.

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