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First Character of Roman Input Unconverted in Evernote Japanese Environment

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I'd like to report a bug I've encountered in Evernote's Japanese environment. Recently, a guide started appearing when the cursor is at the beginning of a line, instructing users to press '/' to insert an element. However, due to this change, I've noticed a glitch where the first character of Roman input remains unconverted. This issue is quite disruptive and affects the usability of the platform, particularly for users who rely on Roman input. I hope this bug can be addressed promptly to improve the overall user experience. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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You can turn off the option to display the / menu in the "three dot" menu in the upper left of the note window.  You must have the latest version of the client installed.  



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Thanks Vinnie.
After upgrading to the latest version, as you mentioned, that menu did appear, but it seems to not be functioning.

Whether I turn it ON or OFF, the behavior does not change. It's the version 10.81.4 on Japanese environment.

However, it seems that the above issue has been resolved.

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