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PLEASE remove: press "/" to insert an element , grey text

Rebeca Scott


PLEASE remove: " press "/" to insert an element" grey text it now exists constantly on my notes as I'm trying to focus on what they say or adding to them. This is new and this is horrible, if there's someway to turn it off, I couldn't find any information on it. I'm a longtime Evernote user, I use it every single day, I have large amounts of documents on it. Please don't make it so awful to use. 

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I did search it as best I can, the site is not intuitive and so far I have not come up with an answer.

A more helpful and kind response would be to let me know the answer to my question. Is there a setting or key stroke that will remove it? Or are we stuck with it because the EN developers thought it was a good idea.

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Rebeca, that's exactly right.

That message takes away from our concentration. Totally the worst. We need to find another service.

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Evernote ... love all you are doing ... long time customer ... but the new insert / function is really bad ... I use Evernote everyday ... and all through the day ... this function is very difficult to digest ... it disrupts the workflow .... make where users and toggle it on and off if they want it ... our make it a key command ... it is AWEFUL that it auto=populates .... thank you for your consideration ...


Always, Evernote!!

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yes already sent.
'cos of the message, i could no longer continue working with EN...
I'm just using another editor and copy paste that for only saving quite nonsense lol

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