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Trouble saving email from outlook 365 - Internal Error. Please. Try again and contact the evernote support



All a sudden I'm unable to save email directly to my evernote.. 

From Outlook for Macos

From Outlook for iPhone problem persisted.

From Outlook for Android problem persisted.

Both came with: Internal error. Please, try again and contact the Evernote Support. 

Any solution to this problem? 

Thank you in advance,

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Me, too, and at around the same time. It is having a real impact on my work. I have written to Evernote support, and they are unresponsive. As a long-time premium customer, it's very disappointing to see customer care completely lacking.

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Hi, everyone!

I have this issue, too, but only when trying to send an MS Outlook Group email to Evernote, i.e. when I'm in the Group folder versus my standard inbox. The add-in works great when I work out of the inbox or one of its subfolders.

Also, and perhaps related to that, I have noticed that the option itself (to send to Evernote) doesn't appear by default. I have to go into Customize and check off the box to use Evernote that way. When I'm in my normal inbox, the Evernote add-in pops up with all the other apps, such as OneNote, etc. So, I wonder if this problem is connected to Admin security settings related to Groups.

Hopefully, this will help with debugging!

All my best,


Ps. Here is the error message I receive!  ⤵️


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