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Need to be able to tag? a location (page) within a PDF to quickly get back there when returning to that PDF



I work with A LOT of PDFs due to my doctorate studies. I move between different PDFs and within PDFs often and quickly. But if I leave that Note/PDF Evernote doesn't keep that location/page within the PDF so when I go back I have to scroll to the page I left off at or do a search to get there. Both methods take more time than I want to give. It would be great if I could tag a page in a PDF to be able to click back to that location in the PDF instantly.

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A pdf is an immutable format (well, it can be edited, but it is no format like a word document).

EN stores pdf, but it doesn’t edit them. All edits are stored in the note, not in the pdf.

If you want to bookmark a pdf, use an app able to edit / bookmark it. Since you post in the general section of the forum and don’t tell about your platform, no advise possible.

If you had a Mac, it would be very easy …

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