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Reading ("shopping") mode on mobile




I was thinking for a long time about a possible functionality for the Android version of EN, based on my experience using it. I always think about writing here, but I end up not doing it. But now I finally found the time to do it.

I frequently follow lists of items while shopping at the market, and often, when marking an item already in the cart, the note ends up going into editing mode (it has happened a few times, I accidentally messed up the text a little, since I'm usually with the phone in one hand while I push the cart and pick up the items with the other).

I was wondering if it would be possible to have an optional "reading mode" (or "shopping mode", lol) that allows checking boxes to be marked, but that requires more than one step/touch to access editing of the note. This mode would be activated optionally, and would also be useful to improve the reading experience of saved articles, without accidentally accessing the note edit while scrolling. Maybe it's a way to avoid accidental editing of notes on your cell phone.

That's it. Hope eveyone is OK. A great week for everyone.

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Hello, @gazumped and users who came across this post,

I just found another post with this feature request (and an old post), which I'll link here:


Although it's a feature request, I found that there's already a way of locking the note, as described by this user in a comment. Here it goes:


I followed the instructions and now I have enabled the 'edit protection' feature, which require to touch twice to activate editing. Great to bump with this solution right away! 

So, I think for me it solves the case. That's great!

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