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Changes to note does not preserve

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I have a bizarre behavior happening with one of my notes.  

I can make changes, and it will preserve, except for one action.

I have a list that looks like the below, where it is currently using a "Checklist":


Some Checklist

[ ] Foo

[ ] Bar

[X] Baz

I want to change this to something like the below, using a "Bulleted List" and "Checkbox":


Some Checklist

  • Foo []
  • Bar []
  • Baz [X]

No matter what I do, this change does not preserve on my note.  

I recreate the list entirely, and it comes back as the Checklist, and not the Bulleted List with Checkbox.

Other types of changes are preserved.  It's just this one type of action, changing the Checklist to a Bulleted List with Checkbox, that never preserves.  

I cannot reproduce this on other notes, just a single note.  

I need some advice on what is going on.  I'm losing my mind.  



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Hi. Two options:

Create a new empty note and copy the contents from this note in to it.  Allow it to sync.  Then try your changes.  Or - 

Export your original note to an ENEX file.  Delete the original.  Reimport the copy & retry the changes.

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