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Currently, I'm on v10.77.0

After numerous updates, bugs that have persisted for a long time still remain. I struggle to understand how the engineering team has not addressed them; is it incompetence? I have no other foundation to consider. It absolutely justifies nothing that, until now, such bugs affecting the user experience still exist. As time passes without a solution, I become deeply frustrated! The support now no longer works; any report receives a generic message in response. Even when providing detailed information about the bug, the response is that without 'details,' the ticket cannot be resolved.

I will report in videos some of the bugs that directly impact the user experience:

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1 minuto atrás, PinkElephant disse:

Maybe somebody on Android gives a try.

Tried on iOS, works as it should: One attachment deleted.

When I undo, it's back.

The issue is not to delete and undo, but rather, out of the 10 attachments, can you manage to delete just ONE instead of all of them!

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4. Same buttons in different places?! Where's the trash can in the upper corner of the screen?? At least that WOULD BE USEFUL! You'll understand in the next image...


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I truly hope you understand! It was the longest post I've written... There is no sense in everything I mentioned. 'Deadline, solution, competence'? It doesn't exist in Evernote's vocabulary! The feeling I have is that the app is not used by Evernote themselves!

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Android 上的體驗非常糟糕
我無法從 Android 登錄,因為我已經取消了訂閱


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