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If downgrading to free do you lose all your notes after 50?

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I have thousands of notes collected over years. If I downgrade to the free version do I lose all those notes and notebooks?

What happens to my local Evernote collection? Does that sync with the now free version and delete all old notes?

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Assuming you use legacy, because you mention "local Evernote collection": Local notebooks are not supported in the v10 clients.

If you want to keep them inside of EN, export them to ENEX, then import them when v10 is running. Do it while you are subscribed, you will not be able to do it under the Free upload limit.

Your existing notes will be there, and you are able to open and edit them. You can't move them, and you can't create any new note.

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There never was, and there is no possibility in v10 to store content ONLY locally.

Some clients allow to store a copy of the cloud servers database on local memory. But it is always, 100% syncing with the server.

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As a work around I've switched back to legacy, and exported everything (v10 couldn't export, it kept glitching even with a couple of hundred notes).

I can keep the old version from syncing and use local notes.

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