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Can't minimise Evernote app on Macbook desktop, I have to close it completely.

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Since upgrading to the latest version of Evernote I'm having major issues with it, in that it won't display the minimise button when Evernote is open. 

I'm running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7.

This means that if I'm working on a note and want to minimise it to look elsewhere, I can't. I have to totally close the app and start again, which is really frustrating, especially as Evernote is now very slow to open up in the first place!  It feels like all the latest upgrades keep making it worse, not better. 

I've attached a screenshot of what I mean. Has anyone else had this issue?

How Evernote displays.png

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I don't have this problem, but I am on Sonoma, not on a several years old version of MacOS. Troubleshooting may be difficult, because it first requires to find a Mac still on that old OS version.

You don't need to close the app (cmd-Q), you just need to close the window. cmd-W will do the trick, leaving the EN app running as an icon in the Dock.

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Thank you, that's helpful to know that I can use cmd-W to close the app, I didn't know about the shortcut so I appreciate your response.

Ideally I'd like Evernote to display as it did previously with the green, orange and red icons still showing so that I can minimise, maximise and close the app that way. 

This latest upgrade has made things worse from my side too - Evernote randomly closes at times and takes an age to load up. Not enjoying the glitches and it's another incentive to trial a different note taking app that several friends have recommended.

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Cmd-W is a general MacOS shortcut.

The signs you describe speak for a broken local database. To fix it, get the app AppCleaner. Log out of EN, quit the app. Now use AppCleaner to remove all traces of EN from your Mac.

Restart the Mac, download the installer from the EN website. Install, open, log in.

Leave it running for a while in the background while it downloads your notes from the server.

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