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Evernote Free suddenly thinks I'm trying to use 3 devices today. I am not.



Evernote Free suddenly thinks I'm trying to use 3 devices today. I do not and have not ever since the 2-device limit was applied. I only use a PC and an iPhone. When I try to use the app on my PC today, I get a "You’ve exceeded your limit on synced devices." error. When I click on "Disconnect devices instead", it shows the PC and two iPhone device names, neither of which match my iPhone's actual name, so I don't know which one is the erroneous one in order to try disconnecting it. It also shows "Current device" for the PC.

So I tried opening the app on my iPhone (the only one I have), and get the same error, and when I click on "Disconnect devices instead", it again shows the PC and two iPhone devices, but it unfortunately doesn't say which one it thinks is the current device.

So I can't use Evernote on either device until I disconnect one of the iPhone devices, so how can I find out which one is the real device, which I don't want to disconnect, and which one is the erroneous one? I've got only a 50% chance of getting it right if I guess, in which case I have to disconnect the other iPhone device, and will have used up both disconnects for the month. If anything then goes wrong with either of those devices, I can't disconnect it for a month because of an error in the system. And why did it decide to think I have a second iPhone today?

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To add to this pain, the website (which I was not using as a device) required me to log in to send a message to support about this. Now it thinks I'm trying to use 4 devices, which I did not expect, even though I did nothing other than send the message, so I disconnected the web device and have now used one of my disconnects. So if I guess wrong on which iPhone device to disconnect, I won't be able to disconnect the erroneous one or use the good one for a month.

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We know the device count can get confused, for example by Apples Private Relay or Hide My IP functions. 

These are deliberate anti tracking tools that - surprise - prevent EN from correctly tracking your devices. So good news: They work. Bad news: When they list devices on the devices list again, and you unsubscribe, you can rapidly run out of unsyncs.

BTW the mobile app has it‘s own device listing, that avoids the website.

Your options here are limited once the account lock has been triggered. I’m afraid you need to wait for 30 days, or subscribe (for a month) to unlock the account right away.

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