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Autosave feature for sketches



I would really appreciate if Evernote had an autosave feature for sketches. I take the majority of my organic chemistry and physics notes with the sketch feature but I have lost my notes so many times due to internet issues which can't be recovered because I hadn't saved throughout the lecture. If an autosave feature was implemented, it would be really helpful so you don't have to keep leaving and reentering the sketch to save it. It would make the experience a lot more enjoyable and significantly less frustrating, especially because it is a paid feature. Thank you! :)

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I agree. My notes (sketches) keep disappearing.too. It’s super frustrating! Especially now the app is three times more expensive. A disappointed customer. 

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Sketch is an autonomous part inside of the note editor. So make sure when you use it that co close the Sketch function from time to time to make it save.

When done make furthermore sure that the note is syncing to the server before closing the app.

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