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Upon declining popup offer, screen rotation breaks

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I always have my screen rotation disabled on my Android 14 device (Google Pixel 7 Pro). Evernote usually functions correctly, but when I get a popup offer asking me if I want to subscribe, if I decline that offer, Evernote will appear to function as if screen rotation is enabled.

I've been able to replicate this consistently.

This is highly annoying, as I use my phone laying down a lot, relying on apps to respect the system rotation lock so that I can maintain portrait orientation while holding the phone in landscape. If I force close the app, it will work again correctly until I decline the next offer. 

I was also able to replicate this simply by using the "upgrade" button on the top right of the home screen. 

Additionally, the massively increased amounts of popup offers we receive nowadays vs historically, and there are countless times through the day where Evernote will break like this. 

Please fix the rotation lock, that seems ONLY to malfunction after declining an offer. 

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Welcome to the forums. These are user-to-user, so no one here is able to fix it. There's an existing thread (maybe more than one) on this long-standing topic in this forum. Honestly, you're the first person I know who's found a way to reproduce it on a consistent basis. For most of us it's just random, so, um, congratulations? 🙂 Seriously, I've found that when it happens, force-closing the app and restarting it is the only way to get the rotation back to normal. Filing a support ticket would at least remind them that it still needs fixing; use the Support option in Settings.

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Agreed that this is a serious problem. Below is a link to the long thread on the subject; my post at the end references an earlier post with a reply from support almost a year ago, assuring us it had been "prioritized" 😑. I'll contact them again about my ticket.


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