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any note that i create on my PC i can see on my mobile but not the other way around

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Hi every one, here is my problem:

any note that i create on my PC i can see on my mobile but any note that i can create on my mobile i can not see on my PC

i logged out of the mobile app and the PC app and logged in again, when i logged in on my mobile all is good, but when i logged in on my PC the earliest not i can find is from August 2022 and nothing after that.

any one had this problem?

i only noted this problem when i paid for primum membership. 

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Then your local PC database has taken a hit. 

To fix it do this:

Confirm there are no notes that are on the PC, but NOT on the web. Export them, or they get lost.

Log out on PC, quit the client. Now use Revo Uninstaller (free on the web) to purge all parts of the existing EN install. Restart the PC.

Get the new client from the EN website. Install, log in. Your notes should now sync from the server.

Let the client run in the background for an extended period of time. It will download the full data from the server.

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