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Evernote Add-In for Microsoft Outlook 365 for Mac Not working

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Evernote Add-In for MS Outlook (Version16.81.2) stopped working. It continues to stipulate "Loading" when clicked. At the very same time, the Add-In for Outlook on my IOS Iphone 11 Pro Max started doing the same thing.

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Thanks, Robert, Nora and Eric. Misery loves company. Maybe someone from Evernote will see our plight! Nora, I have thought about switching, but the switching "costs" are daunting. Do you know of any other app that can do a streamlined migration?

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I know folks are frustrated about this.  I wish it would work too.  But it hasn't worked reliably for me in quite some time.  Although email forwarding isn't quite the same and occasionally takes some futzing around to get everything into Evernote, is that inefficiency really worth the productivity loss of switching applications?  Sorting through them all to figure out if they have the features you need?  Then learning the platform and adjusting your workflows to its idiosyncrasies?  Really?  I'm doubtful.

And if Evernote has 10% of the challenge working with Outlook that I have... it's not surprising that the tool has problems.

And speaking of problems (although a bit off topic)... have you tried the "new" Outlook?  Uffdah.

But, sincerely, fellow Forum members, I wish you the best as you decide what to do.


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