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(Archived) Finding a tag

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I clipped a webpage and added a new tag before it was imported into EN. Problem is, I know the tag exists -- it's shown on the new note -- but I can't actually find it among my many, many deeply nested tags. I'd like to move the tag from whereever it is under a particular parent. Is there an way to locate it, short of spending half an hour going through all my tags? (BTW, I've gradually been reducing the number of my tags by focusing on note attributes rather than subject matter, for which I'm now relying on titles. But this will take time.)

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What a great solution! Thanks! But this is so wierd: I assigned two tags to the note. When I hid unassigned tags, the older tag and its parent were the only ones left in the tag bar, but the new tag that I created during web clipping is . . . nowhere! Which is why I couldn't find it. But then I tried to create a tag under the same name and got the message that the tag already exists. Must be a program glitch.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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