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  1. I've been using Evernote for many years, but I never noticed this problem before. I have tags such as nutrition/food, health/medical and receipt/confirmation/reservation. If I start typing "food," for instance, to tag a note, EN will of course bring up my nutrition/food tag; however, when I click on the tag, EN creates a new "fo," "foo," or "food" tag, depending on how many letters I've typed in. EN should have assigned my existing nutrition/food tag, but it doesn't do that. The same thing happens when I start typing "confirmation" for my receipt/confirmation/reservation tag. The existing tag pops up, but it's not assigned when I click on it. Please adivse. Thanks.
  2. Granted, I've only been using Evernote for Windows virtually everyday since September 2005 (Ver. 2.0), but I do know what I'm talking about. There was never this problem before, but now there is. And the note grouping can't "know" the tag I want because the system offers no opportunity to assign a tag -- whether a new or existing one -- in the few note pairings with which I noticed the problem.
  3. Sometimes, when I highlight multiple notes to assign tags to all of them at once, the option to add a tag isn't presented. I haven't noticed a particular pattern for groups of notes that present this error. Some groups do, but most groups don't.
  4. Like jbenson2 (above), in the title bar of the Evernote window I get the error messsage "Trash - [username] - Evernote is not responding." As long as I don't interfere, the error message eventually disappears and the trash is emptied, but it can take quite some time. Importantly, I'm pretty sure I get this error only after I synch, give the cloud server enough time to OCR-process the notes I'll be trashing, synch again, and then try to delete these notes and empty the trash. Otherwise, the trash empties smoothly.
  5. I often get an error message and long delays -- typically about 30 seconds -- when clearing trash, particularly when trashed notes include attachments. This happens even when clearing a single note. Eventually the error message clears and my trash is deleted. If I try to perform another function while trash is clearing, my PC freezes up. I've been experiencing this problem across many Evernote Windows versions for at least a year. Is this a known problem? Thanks.
  6. Never mind. Just realized that the box returned because I installed a new pre-release.
  7. I tried CamScanner. Yes, it works great with Evernote. Thanks.
  8. You're absolutely right. I had always saved docs as PDFs, but I see that I can stil search text and also forward my notes by email with no problem. The only (minor) disadvantage is that, unlike PDFs, JPEGs (or whatever format EN uses) cannot be saved within EN as attachments, and sometimes I prefer to view multiple docs within a note that way. Thanks.
  9. The document scanner I had used to send PDFs to Evernote isn't available for Android, so I started using the Evernote page camera instead. But the page camera isn't producing PDFs that can be read with Acrobat Reader. Neither can the documents be viewed as attachments instead of images. Is there a way to produce PDFs with the page camera?
  10. The main "preview" page of EN for iOS 7 always shows the last notes updated, even though I've set my note list default to show my last notes created up top. This bug should be fixed.
  11. I have Win 7. I believe it was right after the last EN update that I needed to re-pin the Evernote shortcut to my taskbar. After that, EN would reinstall every time I opened it. So I unpinned Evernote from the taskbar and created a desktop shortcut instead. Then I dragged the desktop shortcut to the taskbar. This seems to have resolved the problem.
  12. The lastest update for EN for iOS 7 allows users to delete saved AND recent searches. Although EN for Windows allows users to delete saved searches, it doesn't allow deletion of recent searches. This function should be added.
  13. EN for iOS 7 now appears to allow searching using wildcards, as well as in-title searching. Changing the note sort default also appears to be working now. Accepting search terms has speeded up considerably, too. And attachments now open up on the first try. I had been disappointed by the initial buggyness, but EN did respond quickly, at least for these issues. Successful transmission of support requests from within the app has been a long standing problem for me; I won't know if that's been resolved until I have an opportunity to try it. Thanks!
  14. If the presentation is the same as on the iPhone, you open up the note, select "more," select the notebook/folder, which is located just above the tags, then select among the notebooks shown.
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