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Lost my account. Evernote doesn't accept my email. Nobody answers.



Hi! I've been using evernote for almost 4 years, with a business team account.

Recently i couldn't enter my account anymore. I CAN'T FIND THE ACTIVATE ACCOUNT BUTTON, IT JUST DOESNT APPEAR AS AN OPTION TO ME. This is very important to know since all the supports i've sent were all pointless guides to activate when the button doesn't appear to me. 







I told my boss about the deactivation and he realises he didn't pay December so probably our accounts got deactivated. BUT HE CAN'T MAKE A PAYMENT CAUSE OUR MAILS ARE BUSINESS MAILS. My account is juanpi.tala@circulo.digital, and since i don't have a .com, or something like that, THE APP REJECTS THE PAYMENT.



I've sent emails, supports, my boss has did it too, and nobody answers. I don't know what to do anymore, i have years and years of notes and writings and i just lost it all. I can't access my account anymore by any means, AND NOBODY ANSWERS. 

I really need some help if someone knows how to deal with it, and please, PLEASE IF YOU WORK FOR EVERNOTE READ ME CAUSE I DON'T KNOW HOW TO REACH YOU ANYMORE. I'm tired of writing supports and contacting if noone answers. 


Thanks por the time and any help would be appreciated. 

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