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Payment issues & My account was switched to a free account from a personal account.

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Hi PinkElephant

I've already written to the support team and no response.

It's the worst support for a paid user. Bending Spoon seems to be solely focused on making money. To me, it seems they don't care about their paid users.

Many users are already leaving Evernote.Bending Spoon's actions are only accelerating this decline.  Bending Spoon is just bending the growth graph of Evernote."

I'm stuck and tired of trying to fix this paid subscription. Could someone please provide instructions on how to get past this?

I need support.

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We are users here, and we can’t solve payment issues.

Try support, and if you don’t get an automatic confirmation about a ticket being created, there is a problem there.

In this case you can only to try reach support through the guest access:

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I wish it were that easy. This (screenshot) is why people are posting their problems here. 

If you have a billing problem - even if you WANT to pay them! (my issue today) - Evernote won't let you contact them directly.

Massive oversight on their part, especially if they want to make more money. 




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I am having same issue. Purchased an annual subscription upgrade from Free to Personal. Several weeks ago. Now it has reversed to the Fee addition confirmed by limitations on additional note creation. Confirmed on my phone, desktop, different browsers and even running them in private/incognito.

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