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(Archived) How to remember people at a trade show or conference

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I was browsing through some of the Evernote tips and came across this gem.


What a super idea! When you meet someone, grab a photo of the person holding up his name card. A business card would be nice, but I'm not too sure the resolution will be good enough for the OCR. Even if the resolution is not good enough, you can always type in the info back in the hotel room.

This is a great idea for those annual tradeshows and conferences. Just brush up on the photos from the previous show and you can seem to be like a long-lost friend at the next show. "Hey Joe! How ya been? It's been ages."

Additional tip - take a look at the comments below the tip. Some nice ideas there as well.

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We illustrated this one last year on the floor at CES. Took pictures of people's faces with their name-tags, and entered meeting information into the note if one was set up. Also, people especially liked seeing the Geotagging of their notes, so they could see exactly where what booth was and then find it again.

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Now, I don't have to worry about where I parked my car.

I did not realize geotagging was that accurate. I presume you are referring to exhibit booths outside.

GPS does not work inside, does it?

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