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Text Formatting was broken in new version

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When I logged in the new interface, I faced multiple issues with text formatting. And now I have to buy a subscription to chech if I can restore the original text. 

For example: 


7-Zip 19.00 x64Prereqs: NoFTA: NoShortcuts: 1/2Explorer Context Menu
Should be like this:
7-Zip 19.00 x64
Prereqs: No
Shortcuts: 1/2
Explorer Context Menu

It's a simple example, but I was storing content scripts content and now they are totally unreadable.

How to restore notes to stage before the new update?


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Hi.  As I understood it,  free users with more than 50 notes and 1 notebook should still  be able to see and edit their notes.  What happens when you try?  If you see an 'update now!' message is there a 'continue to...' option somewhere?

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I have 4 notes only and I can edit my notes, but the problem is that during site visual update text formatting in my note was broken.

I could try to buy a subscription to revert the note and check formatting, but I don't want actually.

It's not my fault that formatting is gone. 

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If you're arguing that you want to use Note History without paying a subscription,  you need to have that conversation with Support.  We're mainly other users around here.

The example you quoted is fairly easy to fix by simple editing,  but I guess if you had a lot of content affected that way it could take a while to correct.

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I saw moderators in other themes, so I thought that developers look into the bugs and support could help.

I haven't found a way how to connect to Support team. If you know where I could send this issue, I would appreciate that.

My example is simple to fix, but content of powershell scripts which I stored now is almost in one line and it's more difficult to restore.

If it was my mistake I didn't argue of cource. Evernote dissapointed me the second time.


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