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Revokes Access to the Mac Evernote App Claiming I've Used Up My Upload Limit

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The only way I can get around this is by going into the web application profile and revoking access to the multiple times someone has signed in with Evernote WebClipper, which is not me. You had a security vulnerability with the WebClipper Extension in the past. I have since removed it, however, someone is still accessing it. Please fix this ASAP!  Moreover, for God's sake, for the amount of money I spend on this service, provide better support and figure out how to do anchors within a note. It is absurd that you refuse to pay attention to the multiple requests for this. This is almost a game-changer for me. 

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Hi.  You're mainly talking to other users here,  so demands and threats are pretty pointless.  Web Clipper is available to anyone using your device while it's logged in,  so if that's an issue,  either give other users a separate account,  log out of Clipper when you're not using it,  or lock the device when you leave it.  Your account is also accessible by email address,  so I'd suggest you look into the source of your excess usage,  and maybe setup 2FA if you don't already use it,  and change your login password end account email address for security.

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