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Table of Contents within a Note (more advanced)

Marcin K.


Hello Evernote Community,

I started using Evernote for learning and I am a little bit disappointed. I create Notebooks for my certifications and notes within to capture information from different subjects.

I really miss the feature from Confluence which enables you to create table of content automatically based on the text headers you use within a document.

Here is an example of table of content from a note I had to create manually

Table of contents structure

  1. Viewing single records (Header 1)
  2. Form headers (Header 1)
  3. Field types (Header 1)
  4. Formatters (Header 1)
    1. Process flow formatter (Header 2)
    2. Activity formatter (Header 2)
    3. Parent breadcrumbs formatter (Header 2)
  5. Related links (Header 1)
  6. Related list (Header 1)
Table of contents screenshot from my Evernote
Such table of contents within a note should be created automatically instead of manually. When clicking on specific header I should be re-directed to the place of that header.
How Confluence defines headers. As you can see with their header configuration, you can go 6 levels deep.
An example from Confluence page with automated Table of Content based on headers (clicking a header, re-directs you to the location within a note)
If such feature was implemented, we would be able to precisely see what type of information a particular note contains based on how we structured it.
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Basically yes - but why do we need to open yet another thread about it ?

It may be you think you invented canned milk outlining. A forum search for canned milk outline would have revealed that canned milk outline is all around, at least since 2011.



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