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Today, after installing a new version of Evernote on my Laptop (version 10.71.2), all my Notes show up double.

I un-installed / re-installed this version. No improvement.

In the beginning, the new version on my laptop constantly crashes. 

Not all Notes have been duplicated yet.  It starts duplicating the remaining Notes when Evernote app is opened on my laptop. 

I switched to my Android version. But also on my mobile, it is now showing double Notes.

Additionally, on other Window devices, which run older versions from Evernote, it is now showing double Notes.

Newly created Notes are NOT duplicated.

As I have more than 7.000 Notes, build up in last 10 years, I'm getting extremely concerned.

Advise how to correct highly appreciated.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. You're posting in the Android-specific forum, but it sounds as if the problem that started on a laptop has spread to Android and elsewhere. Unfortunately, we're mainly other users here, and this is probably beyond us. At first I was going to suggest uninstalling (with Revo Uninstaller) on your laptop, but if the problem is on other devices, including Android, then that wouldn't help. What happens if you delete a duplicate note--does it duplicate again? Have you looked at the Web client (https://www.evernote.com/client/web)? That's sort of the master copy, and if they're duplicated there then they're duplicated in your account overall. I haven't seen other reports of this in the forum, and your best bet (sad to say) is probably going to be to contact support (https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action). They are woefully behind and it may be many days before you get any substantive response from them.

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Thanks Dave-in-Decatur,

Appologize, I also notice I posted the issue in Android, where it all started in 'Windows'.

I did some additional tests. Out of my 7700 Notes,  approx. 600 Notes have been duplicated.

When I now delete/change a note,  it is correctly sync. between the (1) Android version; (2) Web verison and (3) Windows version.

I could of course delete manually those remaining duplicated Notes.  But I lost all my trust in Evernote.

Who tells me this will not happen again either tomorrow, next week or next year ?

I have also submitted a request towards the Helpdesk. Received pritty quick a 'standard'  email with suggestions.  After explaining that these didn't worked, no response yet... 😞

Additionally, when trying to backup (either Enex or Multiple Webpages),  it is crashing. Sometimes at 50% completed but also in one case at 88%.

Is there a way to restore towards yesterday's database position ?


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I don't blame you for being concerned that this could happen again. The best I can tell you is that it is not widely reported--really I think yours is the only report I've seen of so widespread a duplication problem--so that whatever caused it will hopefully not be repeated. The Helpdesk/Support has been overloaded and understaffed for a couple of months now, and the standard reply you got is generally what everyone gets at first; getting something specific and helpful may take some days, maybe even a week or two.

Do you see anything in common among the duplicate notes, in terms of their source for instance? There have been numerous reports of notes imported from the Import Folder being duplicated, but that generally happens as soon as they are imported.

I have seen other reports of the backup crashing. In your case, I'm not sure a backup would be useful, though, since it would include all the duplicates. But do you by any chance have a backup from shortly before the duplication happened? Other than that, only Support would be likely to be able to help restore from a previous date. Unfortunately, you can either spend time waiting for them, or spend time deleting all 600 duplicates. Perhaps someone else will be able to speak up with something more helpful.

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Hi Dave-In-Decatur, 

Highly appreciate your input and thoughts !

I also tried to reconstruct any pattern/sequence:

 - It happend  after I had upgraded the Evernote version and started a local  Enex backup. This backup crashed and at that time I noticed the duplication (which was still happening when I was scrolling through the notes).

 - somehow,  after approx. 600 duplications, It now stopped with dupplicating records

 - all duplications are applicable from new Notes created in last approx. 20 months (no acceptions in Notes)

 - today I will start a backup from a different Laptop to see if this helps to make a recent version going forward (understand this will not eliminate the duplicates)


And yes,  I already started to manually delete the Duplications... 🙂,

but it's more my trust in Evernote application & support which let me reconsider if I want to proceed with this application....




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