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Payment issues from India

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Evernote subscriptions cannot be paid from India. I continously keep getting error in all devices

I have raised ticket and didnt receive a response. 

This way I couldn't take the discount offers during thanksgiving and current new year offer.

Not sure if  Evernote has any plans to solve it immediately.


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The problem is not rooted with EN, it is rooted in the handling of international payments by the Indian Central Bank.

You need support to solve this. If you drop your ticket number, we can try to flag it there. But be aware that support is obviously overwhelmed or understaffed.

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I am from India, and am an Evernote expert. The pricing is in Indian Rupees, i dont see whats the problem here, although, i am not sure if the 40 percent discount will go through, as the rupee is already subsidised [ Professional @ 5200 rupees a year is around 62 dollars] , and thats meant for dollar pricing. 

You should be able to go with this amount 3999 a year personal, or 5200 for professional. Good luck if the 40 percent works with INR as well. 





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