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Not able to login on Android App and MacOS app?

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Hi all,

This morning when i tried to create New Note, the app just closed, I couldn't create note at all, so I rebooted my phone and same issue persist. I log out of the Android App on my phone and I couldn't log in back. Error message on phone: MultiError: INVALID_AUTH


I went back on my Macbook Pro, tried on the app, log out, and then could not log in back, It keeps telling me Login Failure. Only on the web-based version can I log in.


Anyone facing this similar issue?

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It appears to me, depending on when I try to log in with the Google account. 
Specifically it says "multierror: getvaultusedID called on SyncEngine with no auth" 
and I can't access any of my notes and that's what bothers me not knowing how the application logs in.


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