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I had an encrypted note. When I tried to access the note I entered a wrong password, then without fully understanding how, I ended up entering the note but overwriting the content. Not only missed the previous content, but the note was left without password protection. Had anybody have the some problem?. Anybody can tell me how to recover the information?. It is a free evernote account 10.62.3 Android Version

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I don't use encryption in notes myself, so I'm only speculating here. Your best bet might be to use the Note History to go back to an earlier version of the note. Note History is maintained for all accounts, including free, but can only be accessed from a paid subscription. You could subscribe for just one month, access the history, hopefully recover an earlier version with the correct information, and work with that (assuming you have the right password!). Then you could cancel the subscription and drop back to free.

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