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Terri Garretson



I do not use your software for work or to collaborate, but I do use it to save travel, home/garden ideas, recipes and more. I'm retired military and on a fixed income. Your annual pricing excludes me from upgrading to a "full" version and I don't need all the bells and whistles offered either. Would you consider offering a fixed yearly rate that reflects using only the notebook feature? Perhaps $69/year?

Thank you for reading. I've looked at other "recipe" software, but it isn't as robust as Evernote nor as easy to use.

Many thanks and happy holidays.

Terri Garretson

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The grandfathered "cheap" subscriptions are currently taken off the renewal options - those users need to decide between a full subscription, going "Free" or leaving.

No inside knowledge, but from what I see I doubt there will be any "Basic" subscription any time soon.

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