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is 2FA for a second device possible?

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I managed to set up Google Authenticate so it works on my two phones and my tablet.  Here's how I did it, as far as I can recall:

Install the Authenticate app on the devices you want to use with Evernote.  Follow the Evernote directions as if you were using Authenticator on just one device.  But set your devices next to each other, and all open to Authenticator simultaneously. When Evernote serves up the QR code, take a photo of the code with each device.  Confirm that the number on all three devices is the same.  Then continue as normal.  I can now get my 2FA code from any of these devices I happen to have at hand.  I don't know if this works with other authenticator apps, but it does with Google.  By the way, I'm not smart enough to have figured this out myself - I found a YouTube video.  The video wasn't specific to Evernote, but it showed how to set up Authenticator on multiple devices with a different app.  You might want to try searching on YouTube for more info.

 Hope this is helpful.



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