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(Archived) Only download content of certain notebooks?



I have been an light Evernote user for a few years but I'm now planning on uploading quite a lot of large PDF's into a single notebook. I sync Evernote between a Mac Mini, Macbook Air, iPhone and iPad. Is there any way (official or hack) to choose which notebooks get synced and downloaded with the desktop client?

I'm a premium member so the option to choose specific notebooks for offline access is available in the iOS apps, I would like to just have this one specific notebook to only locally store the notebook and pdf's on the Mac Mini (the computer they would be uploaded from), but be available for on demand download from the MacBook Air. Or failing that just an online notebook that doesn't sync with any Evernote client.

I fear that what I require isn't possible, but fingers crossed and hoping there is a way to accomplish this.


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If you click on the notebook and go to preferences, you can set the notebook to "local" and then it won't be synced. It may be that you can only designate notebook as local when it is created. If that is the case, you can create a local notebook, and move the notes to that notebook.

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Unfortunately, that isn't possible right now. While the Local Notebook option may work for some things, it doesn't allow you to download on demand to the other desktop client.

I hope Evernote adds that option soon, but until they do, I suggest checking out Dropbox (http://dropbox.com). It allows Selective Sync, meaning you can choose which folders are synced on each computer. You can then still access all of the content through their website. It's not a perfect solution, but it may help.

And if you want some extra space, feel free to use my invite code :)


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martydew thanks for the reply, I have already seen the option for local notebooks but that wouldn't solve my problem as I would only be able to access it from the one device, if there was a web only notebook that would have been kind of suitable.

Lougoose dropbox is how I am doing it at the moment, the large PDF's in question are magazines which I have tagged using Punakea, tags relating to the main features and articles in each edition, this makes searching for the relevant back issue easier, but only works on the computer that has that dropbox folder synced. I was hoping to do something similar with Evernote, between tagging and search within PDF it would have been a lot more reliable and worked across devices. Until I find a better alternative I'll just stick with how I'm doing it now using DropBox.

Thanks both of you for your replies.


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I was going to suggest having two accounts, and sharing notebooks from the 'master' account to the other one, but that's probably not going to help you, unless you can access shared notes via whatever native client you're using for the other device. I think that as time goes on, Evernote will make this more feasible.

The thread here: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=21464 has some possible future direction that might help too, eventually.


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Thanks Jefito I hadn't thought about doing it via shared notebooks and two accounts but I think for simplicity I'll just stick with one Evernote account, only add the PDF's of the two magazines I subscribe to going back 12 months (anything older than 12 months is mostly irrelevant anyway) and maybe also strip out every full page advert, that should bring that particular notebook down to below 1GB and that will be fine.

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