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Make a way to undo on the app



Using Android App 10.60.2 (1212823)

Have you ever tried to type something onto the screen and had something get highlighted by mistake? A LOT of stuff by mistake, and hit a space bar or some other garbage trying to remove the highlighting? It's terrible!

No, I don't have time to deal with logging onto a computer and trying to sync and figure out what was lost and fix it using a comparison of notes from the Windows install version of Evernote.


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There are undo buttons at the top of the screen.

On iOS we have furthermore this neat „shake to undo“ option, that make people watch you when you dance around, vigorously rattling your iPhone. No idea if this exists on Android.

And finally on mobile you can enable Edit Protection in settings.

Enough undo, I would say.

If anything goes wrong there is still note history to save the unsavable.

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