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notes failing to save and images scanned not available for full view

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1. several separate incidences occurred where I've created notes with scanned photos, using the camera acquisition feature within evernote, and the note fails to save, with error message, "note unavailable, unable to load this note. Please refresh the page or try again later". The refresh never works and I lose the note.
2. Separate from the above issue, there are notes that I've captured on my mobile device that show up in my desktop app as "Snapshot" and I can see the preview in the notes list, but the scanned image is unavailable for normal sized viewing.
Both android and PC app are up to date
Both problems listed above are super frustrating and are shaking my confidence in continuing to use EN as my long-term storage app.
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Hi, and welcome to the forums. WRT #2, it's not uncommon, unfortunately, for images to take awhile to sync to Evernote's servers, then to another device, even though the preview shows in the notes list. Is there an attachment placeholder with a generic "image"-type name in the note? I can usually get those to appear properly if I move to a different note, or back to a note list, then back to the note with the photo again. Another thought: if you edit the title from the default Snapshot to something else when you create it, that in itself might give the image time to sync better (I realize there may not always be time do to this).

WRT #1, that may conceivably also be a function of the note not fully syncing before you leave it, or leave Evernote for another app. Esp. if you're away from a strong Internet connection, images can take a bit to sync. One workaround, for safety's sake, might be to go to Settings > Camera and turn on Save photos to photo gallery. That may mean some gallery maintenance later, but you'll for sure have the photos to attach if they don't work as expected. Hope this is some help.

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If it's only notes with images with images that are not syncing, to me that does suggest that a little longer time is required for the much larger amounts of data to make it to Evernote's servers. If possible, give it some time to sync before you switch away from Evernote, is about all I can suggest.

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