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(Archived) Search fon non-complete to-do with additional criteria

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Good question

Not as good answer as:

1.- On the Web it is IMPOSSIBLE (as far as I can see) to create a new Todo (NOR CLICK on the todo selector)

2.- You have to create the todo on the DESKTOP version and activate or deactivate from there only

3.- Search on web and desktop is possible when clicking on the Attribute: Contains: Unfinished or Finished to-do (thus adding other condition)


-on desktop it is like the following:

todo:false then the rest of the condition (with any: if needed)

-on WEB the syntaxis is as follow:

to-do:unfinished BUT WILL NOT WORK as written search although it look the same as the clicked attribute!

5.- activating or deactivating in the desktop take some time to be correctly reflected (2-3-4 seconds out of the note)

Not only there is a difference in syntaxis but.... again some corrections needed here!!!



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Is there a way to create a saved search that searches for un-completed to-do items along with other key words?

You can add "todo:false" into your search box with other words, and then save that search. I.e. this would find all of the notes that have uncompleted To-Do items and contain the word "spatula":

todo:false spatula

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Dengberg is right.... todo:false or todo:true will work on WEB AND DESKTOP...

Would be a very nice idea to publish (help file perhaps) the correct syntax for searches. In the WEB we are misleaded by the text that shows upon clicking on the tag of unfinished to-do's which shows clearly "to-do:unfinished".

We cannot guess it must be written todo:false !!! (the to-do: changes to todo: and the unfinished changes to false)

Note: Sync searches will NOT work on every platform for the moment. See my post at:


The Iphone only admit ALL searches for now. (no way to put any: as it will be treated as a simple word and not as query syntax)

NOTE: On every platform (except Iphone) If you use negation (-) in an ANY search, results are generally wrong as there is no precedence nor grouping available.


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