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Sort on filtered notes widget in start screen doesn't work anymore




I use the filtered notes widget on my start screen and sort the notes by title descending. But since at least two weeks, the notes are always shown in ascending order, independent from the settings i choose in the filter. Seems to be bug. It happens on all devices.

I use 10.66.5-win-winstore-public (20231120095228) on windows and 10.60.2 on android.

Does anyone have the same problem or better a solution?



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Your are a version of two behind the current release. Also, you are using the Windows Store version.

I would uninstall the store version, download and install the current release direct from evernote.com and see how that does for you.

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Sorry to hear that.  Probably time to open a support ticket.  Be warned, though, that ticket responses take upwards of 14 days at present.

EDIT:  I just checked this on my Windows PC.  I had a notebook displayed in a widget sorting on the Date Updated in descending order.  I changed the sort order and nothing changed.  So I changed the sort to Date Created and this worked just fine.  I could then switch back to Date Updated in ascending order and it worked fine.  I could then change back to descending order without a problem.

So try switching to a different Sort value and then to your desired output and see if that unsticks things.

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