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Timezone issue with Calendar



Hi All,

I am having issues with the Calendar features now that we have moved forward 1 hour for Daylight Savings here in Melbourne, Australia.

I have my timezone set as Melbourne, Australia, but my calendar still shows an hour behind. I then tried a location an hour ahead, but that hasn't changed my calendar either.

As you will see from my attachment, I have shown details of the problem with a screenshot, that shows the current time on my Mac Laptop, and the incorrect current time within Evernote.

I am running a Mac Laptop, using the latest Mac Sonoma OS. My timezone is set to Melbourne Australia, which is currently observing Daylight Savings Time.

I have totally removed the Mac app, downloaded the latest version and installed again. Still the same issue.

I have refreshed my browser cache. Still the same issue.

I have used a totally new browser. Still the same issue.

In summary, the Calendar in my Evernote (both Mac version and Web version) is showing an hour behind. Any changes to my location in my Evernote settings do not have any impact on this.

Any ideas, or assistance you can provide, would be great. I raised this with Evernote Support almost a month ago, but have not had any luck getting it resolved.




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Does anybody receive a response from @Evernote Support??

I have had this ticket open for well over a month, and despite repeated requests for an update, I am yet to receive a response.

All I am after is some sort of sign of life that my ticket has at least been received and is known about. At this stage, it appears to have gone into a black hole.

Quite poor for a paid service to be honest.


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Hi Nathan - I've got the same problem and for the life of me I can't find a solution. It drives me nuts!! 

At least once a week I find myself caught out because the time zone is out by an hour. (I'm in South Australia).

If I don't find a solution in the next couple of weeks I'll disconnect my Google Calendar and seriously consider going back to the free version of Evernote. 

So, so freaking annoying!

Keep smiling - BB

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