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Evernote: Could videos become valuable notes?

Rafael B


When Evernote first emerged, its initial proposal predominantly catered to the needs of users seeking a simple and efficient tool to organize and store text in various formats (PDFs, images, HTML, etc.), and at most, audio. However, with the evolution of technology and the proliferation of multimedia platforms in people's daily lives, the dynamics of content creation and consumption underwent a significant transformation. Today, audio and video play essential roles in expressing ideas and transmitting information. Given this landscape, Evernote must to recognize the importance of adapting to this diversity of formats, evolving into a true "second brain" that embraces not only text but also audiovisual elements, providing a more comprehensive experience aligned with contemporary demands.
Currently, Evernote offers the functionality to attach videos, providing a playback experience solely through external applications. However, there is the potential to go further and optimize the workflow for users who consume this type of content.
In my view, these features should encompass video playback integrated into the interface with advanced control features such as playback speed, pause, fast forward, and rewind. With a video playback player integrated into the note interface, it becomes possible to easily enhance the video consumption experience by attaching transcriptions, subtitles, and timestamps, which would be extremely valuable for search purposes.
Especially concerning timestamps and transcriptions, these features would enable users to navigate directly to specific points in the video, facilitating the location of relevant information—similar to what is available today in the Readwise Reader with YouTube videos. Imagine a meeting or recorded class where you can recall a unique insight or reasoning, challenging to reproduce, and just a few clicks away.
This same reasoning can be applied when capturing a video on YouTube. With minimal development effort, it is possible to capture not only the video itself but also its transcription and place it in the note. I tried this feature in the Reader and found it very useful.


The introduction of markup tools within videos would be helpful to highlight specific sections, facilitating review and subsequent reference. Additionally, basic editing features, such as trimming unnecessary parts or splitting lengthy videos, would enhance efficiency in content creation and organization—of course, these editing features are less urgent, and there are other external solutions that fulfill them without significant drawbacks.
Imagine a scenario where you can transcribe the video on an external platform like notta.ai, export the transcription with timestamps, and attach it to Evernote. Brilliant, isn't it?


These proposed improvements not only meet the expectations of users seeking more efficient capture, organization, and consumption of multimedia information but also address the subsequent stage of creating original content from such primary sources.
What do you think?
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Thanks, Chat GPT.

Currently we pay only for the upload, not for the storage. There is no other type of material that consumes as much storage space than video content.

So in the future pay for upload bandwidth AND storage ? For all, just that a few can have what they want ?

There is a much easier solution to this: Create a private YT channel, save your videos there. You can then share the content into your notes - plus use it through other channels as well. Problem solved, and only the video addicts need another subscription.

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1 hora atrás, PinkElephant disse:

Thanks, Chat GPT.

I hope, for Evernote's sake, that you're not getting paid for the effort you're putting into crafting arguments that defend the company's stagnation. If my assumption is correct and you're doing this for free, it's a double loss: in terms of your reputation and the time you're wasting on something futile.
If you know of an artificial intelligence feature capable of generating suggestions like the ones I'm taking several minutes to write after 10 years of using the application, I feel like a fool, as I could be doing this in less time. As one of the most influential programmers here in Brazil, Fábio Akita, says, 'Your level of excitement about AI is inversely proportional to your understanding of AI. The less you understand, the more excited you'll be.'
I wrote most of these suggestions over years. I'm just adjusting and gradually putting them here to take advantage of this unique moment. Now that the work of bringing the Evernote backend to current technologies is practically finished, the capable minds of the company (fortunately, yours is not among them) will be occupied with looking forward. You, it seems, have your eyes only on the steering wheel. Be careful not to crash!
The coolest part of all this is that all of my suggestions and your poorly formulated responses will be recorded in time (thank you, Web Clipper), both to showcase your 'cabeça miúda' (small mind), as we say in Brazil, and to attest that progress and continuous improvement in technological resources occur even when there are people who don't deserve them.
1 hora atrás, PinkElephant disse:

There is a much easier solution to this: Create a private YT channel, save your videos there. You can then share the content into your notes - plus use it through other channels as well.

Regarding the arguments about storage, it is already possible to store videos on the platform. I have several myself. What is not possible is to play them back properly. Additionally, it is currently possible to upload only a few gigabytes per month to the platform, which functions as a limiting factor. As for the argument (which is quite terrible, by the way, as it strengthens exactly the opposite point to what you are advocating), it is indeed possible to put videos on a private YouTube channel and then attach them to Evernote. But imagine the amount of work that this demands, and on top of that, we run the risk of copyright issues. I realize that you probably have never done what you propose.
Wow, your arguments are really bad. I truly hope that you are not part of any Evernote team, not even as a junior intern fetching coffee. If you are, the company is doomed to failure.
1 hora atrás, PinkElephant disse:

Problem solved, and only the video addicts need another subscription.

Issue solved: in other words, you propose a less-than-intelligent solution to an emerging need. It reminds me of what the then-CEO of BlackBerry said in 2007 when the iPhone was launched, something like "The iPhone doesn't pose a threat to our dominance." However, for you, who would never become a CEO of anything at best, the layman's opinion of actor Brett Ratner described below is probably more fitting.

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