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Add Tags to Scannable



I use Scannable almost as much as the Web Clipper. I love that I can have the tag "Scannable" automatically attached to a scan in Scannable, but deeply regret I cannot add additional tags like I can with Web Clipper. I really need to. It would save me a lot of time. Possible?

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I wouldn't expect any more changes to the app "Zoo" around the core app.

These apps were bought years ago, they likely had one maintainer each who knew the aged code. When relocating the EN team was made redundant, and a new team build up in Italy. I think these apps are at the very end of their life cycle.

An alternative (which costs a fee) is Scanner Pro by readdle. It allows to create workflows that upload a scan into a certain notebook, and apply a set of tags to the note.

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Thank you, PinkElephant.

Scanner Pro requires a "subscription" at $30 a year. It would indeed work, thanks, but I'm not paying another subscription fee. I'd pay for the software once, but I'm not buying another pig in a poke subscription.

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Just so.

I wrote Scanner Pro and let them know I would be happy to pay them one time to buy the software, but that I won't buy a subscription. I suggested they get over greed and sell a product people are willing to pay for. Once. I might even pay for upgrades in the future, but I will never pay for another subscription.

Subscriptions are death by tiny slashes.

Thank you for the suggestion. It was a good one – except for the subscription. 😉

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