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Subscription from India



I am an existing EN user from INDIA and want to extend my subscription. I am advised to pay thru "PAY NOW" link. But when I click on this . I keep getting an error 

"We were unable to process your payment because of a system error. Please wait a few minutes and try again.


Please let me know how do I Pay for my subscription from India 

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There is a specific problem with payments by Indian citizens. The Indian central bank has applied restrictions that make payments difficult.

You need to contact EN support. Choose Payment & Billings as ticket type. Expect a longer than usual waiting time, currently probably 10 days and above.

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20 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

You already got your answer: Contact support.

Hi PinkElephant

I've already written to the support team and no response.

It's the worst support for a paid user. Bending Spoon seems to be solely focused on making money. To me, it seems they don't care about their paid users.

Many users are already leaving Evernote.Bending Spoon's actions are only accelerating this decline.  Bending Spoon is just bending the growth graph of Evernote."

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