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Evernote search: well-done basics are unbeatable

Rafael B


I want to express my recognition for the impressive recent advances you've made in AI-driven search functionality in Evernote 10. It's remarkable to see how technology is enhancing efficiency and accuracy in information retrieval.
However, as we celebrate these achievements, I'd like to suggest considering an enhancement that, in my view, would complement these remarkable strides.I'm referring to the reintroduction of a feature from the Legacy version, where the search directed the interface directly to the specific location within a note where the searched term was present.


In addition to the search leading to the exact location in the note where the searched term is, I would like to suggest some enhancements. The first is the functionality, when a note is opened through the search, of having a button or keyboard command that navigates through the locations in the note where the snippet exists, similar to what happens in the find and replace function. The second is to recognize that when conducting a search such as 'princípios da saúde pública,' Evernote should not give the preposition 'da' the same relevance as the other words in the search, as it currently does. Please consider improving this aspect.
While AI advancements are crucial for Evernote's evolution, I believe that having the basics done well — such as direct search result highlighting within a note — forms a solid foundation for the user experience. This functionality not only maintains search effectiveness but also provides valuable familiarity for users who appreciate the simplicity and practicality of this approach.
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Thanks for the suggestions.

1) You can circle through all hits in a note using the in-note search function. The most efficient way to do this is to copy the search term from the general search field before starting the search. When you identified the note you want to see, open it, start the search inside of the note and paste the search term into the search field. Now you can jump to the next search hit by clicking the arrows.

2) EN search uses all entered terms in an AND relation by default. They skip typical words like and, not, or, is, etc. that will be found very often, because they don’t contribute to the search result. I am not sure whether this is centered on the English language. But you can give it a try yourself, like that:

I did a little test myself, entering „Word1 und Word2“, using the German „and“. It gave me 517 notes. Then I searched „Word1 Word2“, and got again 517 notes. This means the fill word „und“ had no impact on the search result. If it is in the search term, it will be highlighted, but it doesn’t influence the outcome of the search itself.

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4 horas atrás, PinkElephant disse:

I am not sure whether this is centered on the English language

My native language is Portuguese, and unfortunately, in my language, the search doesn't ignore prepositions and conjunctions. Here's an example below:

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Em 15/11/2023 at 19:54, PinkElephant disse:

This is not important.

Of course it's important. If the search is inaccurate and ranking the results incorrectly, then it needs adjustments. I bet you underuse the resource, because if you used it daily you would realize the problem I'm referring to.

Advice: you should use your Evernote more than the forum.

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