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Integrating notes: content blocks

Rafael B


As a devoted user of Evernote, I would like to express my deep gratitude for the exceptional platform you have developed. Evernote has been a crucial tool for my daily productivity, offering a stable, note-centric structure that stands out for its practicality and efficiency.
Before delving into the proposed enhancement, it is essential to recognize Evernote's distinctive advantage over other tools, such as Notion. The robust and intuitive structure of Evernote provides a more useful and practical experience. While some platforms, like Notion, require the construction of complex structures, Evernote takes a more straightforward approach, allowing users to spend less time configuring organization and more time effectively using their notes.
Here are some functionalities I believe could be valuable:
  1. Block synchronization between notes:
    The ability to synchronize specific parts of notes, ensuring automatic updates in both notes when a block is modified. This feature would keep related information consistently aligned, preserving Evernote's stable structure.
  2. Precise links to specific content:
    The ability to create links leading directly to the location within a note where the link was generated. This function would significantly enhance navigation, allowing users to quickly access specific information within their notes.
However, I understand that implementing the proposed features may pose a challenge. Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize that, based on the open-source community of the Electron framework on which Evernote applications are developed, there are already available solutions that can facilitate the incorporation of these innovative features.
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Thanks for suggesting it. 

The way the first item currently works is through note linking. I don’t think having blocks of content that will then be synchronously to each other would be really a feature, because it adds a lot of complexity. You would basically need a third note in the background, holding the „framed“ content, and then links to both notes showing the content as a mirror of the hidden note. You change one of them, it carries over to the shadow copy, and back to the other note. Today you hold the content in one note, and place a link in another.

Since links can be placed everywhere in a note, you can jump from any place in a note to another note, and back. The only restriction is that the linked note will always open at the top. We have a number of threads treating the idea of outlining, in-note jump markers, note sections and similar. We will see if this will be added one day. I give it a higher likelihood than the first idea.

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4 horas atrás, PinkElephant disse:

I don’t think having blocks of content that will then be synchronously to each other would be really a feature, because it adds a lot of complexity.

Certainly, I recognize the immense complexity involved in synchronizing content blocks between two or more notes; however, this is what current software development is made of: thinking about the user experience and finding technology that meets it. Nevertheless, there is something similar in full operation today, which is the ability to link a calendar event to one or more notes. It is possible to add a Google Calendar event, for example, to multiple notes, and it will be synchronized among them without any issues, including the formatting of internal event notes. If it is possible to do this with content coming from a third party, I believe it should be feasible to accomplish the same through notes.


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It may be easier to do this from an external source than inside of an app.

Note that the calendar sync is one way - it just syncs FROM the Google calendar.

And the current EN data model does not contain this option. Sure, it could be added, but with which effort and for how many users ? I doubt this would really be a make or break feature.

It looks like a very narrow use case, one that can easily be reached as well by simply setting a link to another note.

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53 minutos atrás, PinkElephant disse:

Sure, it could be added, but with which effort and for how many users?

We acknowledge the technical challenges associated with adapting databases to incorporate the block synchronization functionality between notes. However, it is crucial to consider that technological evolution should align with user needs and, perhaps, even anticipate them. For this, the database must be flexible and future-proof.

Synchronizing specific blocks between notes in Evernote not only provides practical advantages for users building a "Second Brain" but also evolves into a strategy to optimize search results. Imagine the possibility of having a content block automatically updated across multiple notes, emphasizing its relevance in the search engine's response. This feature would not only enhance the user experience but also boost the effectiveness and accuracy of responses.

The success of Notion's "Synced Blocks" feature emphasizes the desirability of such functionality, and Thomas Frank's tutorial highlights positive user feedback, underscoring the perceived utility, including the surprise of some users realizing the value they didn't know they needed.

The vast majority of Evernote users, I presume, simply want to take uncomplicated notes on a reliable platform that ensures the safety and permanence of their material. However, those who pay for this kind of service represent a minority, and that minority may seek something more. It's possible that only a small portion of this minority would utilize it, but rest assured that someone will pay to have this feature. It's the kind of feature that converts a free user into a premium user.

In summary, while we recognize the technical challenges, adapting the database to incorporate block synchronization between notes is one of those things that make a difference in the lives of those who need it. Inspired by success stories like Notion's, it's time to consider disruptive strategies to keep Evernote relevant and innovative. We encourage the team to embrace the mindset that characterized the company's early years, seeking solutions that not only meet but also anticipate user needs. This approach will not only strengthen Evernote's position in the market but also reinforce its reputation as a leader in innovation. Undoubtedly, there is a promising path ahead.

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Notion has an entirely different underlying structure - which is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

It’s not only not easy to copy features from different apps, it is not desirable in most cases as well.

You made an effort (thanks) to explain why you think it would be beneficial - but I still don’t see a simple use case described that would depend on having such a feature.

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In terms of personal knowledge management, this functionality would be excellent. Applications like Obsidian and Logseq have analogous functions. But it seems that Evernote doesn't aim to be a knowledge management base, but just a kind of superstrong virtual archive.

This is unfortunate.

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