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Hi all,

I have a problem viewing Task Details within a note.

When I click on the three dots next to the task, the entire note goes blank and I have to exit the note and go back in. I can, however, access the details from the Tasks pane. Anyone else having this problem? It seems ok on my other devices (Mac, iOS)

Cheers 👍

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No apology necessary - I should've clicked!  Sorry,  but it works for me;  maybe do the usual dance of sign out...

  1. of Evernote / sign back in
  2. restart device / sign back in
  3. remove database / restart device...
  4. remove database / uninstall Evernote / restart device / re-download and reinstall...
  5. remove database / uninstall Evernote with Revo Uninstaller Free / restart device / re-download...

(I'm impatient and usually go for option 5 directly...)

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