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Auto-correct (spell check)

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I have v10.65.3 (Mac). 

Auto-correct (correct spelling as you type) seems to be missing ever since I upgraded to v10.x. Is the feature just gone? Its absence is a major issue for me. If it's not missing, how do I enable it? 

Edited: I do have "Correct spelling automatically" enabled in Mac settings.  Evernote still doesn't autocorrect. It does underline misspellings in red, but that's not an adequate substitute for the time-saving auto-correct.

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In Evernote version 10.x for Mac, the auto correct feature is no longer available. Despite enabling Correct spelling automatically in Mac settings, Evernote does not provide real-time auto-correct. It only underlines misspellings in red.

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7 hours ago, david2658 said:

It only underlines misspellings in red.

Hi.  Are you a bot?  You just basically repeated the content of a 6-month old post.

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