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Unable to find specific notes after 13 October 2022



Hi! I greatly need support. Per the subject, I can't find a year's worth of notes after changing my work computer, a Windows PC (Windows 10 Pro). More details, numbered for ease of reference:

  1. These notes were previously present in both mobile and PC versions of the app.
  2. I've checked the notes category [Company] and they are not present.
  3. I've searched all notes for the first tokens in my nomenclature: I use the title format [Company] YYYY.MM.DD, so I'm searching for "[company] 2023" and it produces no results.
  4. Worse, there appears to be a gap in all my notes from March 11th, 2023 to October 3rd, 2023. After October 3rd, it appears that my notes only include some from my mobile account.
  5. Sorting all notes by date updated also reveals massive gaps: April 22, 2023 to August 13, 2023, then to October 2nd, with gaps on some days (I take notes at work nearly every day, and certainly through most of October).
  6. When I log into the web, the notes are also not present, which fills me with dread.
  7. I did not, to my knowledge, turn off synchronizing on any of my devices.

Any advice is welcome! I'm hopeful this is just a could sync issue (in that they exist on the cloud but aren't being displayed for some reason.

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Not a lot of suggestions to offer, but when did you first notice this? Are these notes that you access often, so that you would have noticed them missing, say, last week? It would be helpful to nail down the timeframe in which they disappeared. Unless they reappear within the next couple days (Evernote has been tinkering with the way Web clients sync, and that has caused some weird issues in those clients, but I don't think in the desktop apps), you'll probably need to contact support.

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